Service & Warranties

The period of warranty servicing for VOCORD Systems is 1 year.

Equipment repair is effected within the facilities of the Service Centre (SC), equipment recovery period shall not exceed 20 (twenty) calendar days, delivery of equipment to the Service Centre and back shall be effected at the Client's expense.

Should any defects occur in VOCORD Systems operation, please, refer to Company Technical Support. Free Technical Support is provided for all partners and end users of the Company.

Upon Warranty Event Occurrence

Should any defect be detected within the warranty period for VOCORD equipment, it is required to submit a claim without delay.

On each occasion of recourse you are requested to communicate the product serial number.

The Service Centre shall provide free repair of products subject to compliance with the following conditions:

  • Submission of a warranty card properly filled in as follows: Indicating the model, serial number, date of sale, and trading organization's stamp.
  • Submission of a reclamation list filled in so that to specify the product name, serial number, date of sale and purchase and sale agreement number.
  • Presentation of the defective equipment to the Service Centre.

Warranty Servicing shall not cover product defects in the following cases:

  • Carrying out the repair by organizations or parties not authorized explicitly by VOCORD.
  • In case of modification of the equipment without any preliminary agreement with the Service Centre, with the exception of some updates compatible with the product.
  • Appearance of any defects due to mechanical damages, violation of operation terms, natural calamities (lightning, fire, flood), ingestion of any foreign objects, liquids or insects inside the product, improper ventilation and any other reasons beyond the reasonable control of the seller and manufacturer.

Servicing shall not cover the following:

  • Consumables, documentation, floppy disks, compact disks, etc
  • Software delivered together with the product.
  • Other equipment, the inflicted damage to which was the result of operation with the involvement of such product.
  • Periodic maintenance, installation and set-up of the product.

Service Centre Contacts

E-mail: service@vocord.com