New generation digital cameras VOCORD NetCam4 were designed for face / license plate recognition and other video analytics tasks requiring high-quality images.

VOCORD NetCam4 combines advantages of both machine vision and video surveillance cameras: high video quality and reasonable price.

VOCORD NetCam4 cameras are used in facial recognition system VOCORD FaceControl and in Traffic Enforcement System VOCORD Traffic.

Designed for video analysis

Видеокамера VOCORD NetCam4To provide effective operation of face / license plate recognition systems, cameras must deliver high-quality video streams regardless of lighting conditions: day or night time, sunny or cloudy weather. VOCORD NetCam4 cameras have in-built video adaptation algorithms for video analysis purposes in poor weather conditions.

Improved video quality is ensured by:

  • Automatic exposure adjustment with precise manual control of max./min. exposure time
  • Software-controlled multi-parametric equalizer for video stream histogram
  • 14-to-8 bit image conversion with automatic adjustment for varying lighting conditions and dynamic range stabilization
  • Automatic control over DC-Drive aperture
  • Black balance
  • Automatic white balance (for color-enabled cameras).

VOCORD NetCam4 cameras are completed with a wide range of CCD or CMOS-sensors. All sensors have high light sensitivity, low inherent noise and support «Global Shutter» technology. This ensures high-quality images in poor lighting conditions.

VOCORD NetCam4 cameras provide integrated controls for mechanized lenses (manual, automatic and via web-interface).

Some of the video analytic algorithms are in-built. This ensures significant load reduction of video servers and data channels. K-series cameras designed for facial recognition systems have a built-in algorithm of face capturing in a people flow.

Multiple stream video broadcasting

Видеокамера VOCORD NetCam4

Uncompressed (RAW) streams are best fulfils the tasks of face / license plate recognition and other video analysis tasks. VOCORD NetCam4 cameras are able to broadcast 2 or more independent video streams with total throughput up to 2 Gbit/s.

Available data transmission formats:

  • RAW
  • H.264

K-series cameras can deliver “objects of interest” (face images, for example) as a separate video stream. VOCORD NetCam4 can multicast video streams to multiple servers: for example, one camera image can be used by plates recognition server and by video surveillance server simultaneously.

Peripheral device control

VOCORD NetCam4 can interface with peripheral equipment installed at video surveillance or face / license plate recognition check-points.

All peripheral devices are connected directly to the camera via any of available interfaces for:

  • Radars or PTZ-devices (through 2 or 3 RS-232/485 ports)
  • Synchronous PWM-control of pulse illuminators
  • Windshield washers and wipers and other periphery
  • Data exchange and integration with access control systems

VOCORD NetCam4 product line falls into 2 series: D and K:


D-series cameras are designed for video surveillance and video analytic systems with heavy video analysis performed on server side. The cameras are equipped with 2 Ethernet-interfaces with total throughput up to 2 Gbit/s.

The cameras provide multicast video broadcasting (from 2 to 8 streams) in RAW and MJPEG format.


K-series cameras are designed for facial recognition systems. K-series cameras are equipped with additional DSP that can be used for detection of objects of interest inside the video camera.

This allows:

  • To reduce dramatically the data channel load. The camera broadcasts just only facial images, so laying of a wideband channel is not necessary. The camera-server communications can be performed via Wi-Fi and even 3G networks.
  • To reduce load on servers through performing a number of operations directly inside the camera.
  • To obtain high-quality facial images in any conditions including difficult lightening ones – backlight or contrasting side lighting. Images quality cab be improved through using dynamic ROI (Region of Interest), video data capacity conversion 12 bit to 8 bit and other automatic image processing algorithms.

VOCORD NetCam4 К-series cameras enable simultaneous capturing of up to 16 faces per frame.

Data transmission formats: RAW, MJPEG, JPEG, H.264.

VOCORD NetCam4, K- and D-series – comparative specifications




Inbuilt facial capture algorithm



Data transmission channel requirements

100 Mbit/s

1 Gbit/s

Server computational capability requirements






Cameras of both series are completed with a wide range of video sensors and lenses. Contact our sales department to make right choice!

General Specifications

Parameter Setting
Electronic shutter typeBetween-lens shutter (Global shutter)
Line scanningNoninterlaced
ADC digit capacity, bitfrom 10 to 16
Image sensor, typeCCD or CMOS (black & white or color)
Dynamic range of video sensor, dB (according to EMVA-1288 standard)up to 69
Video sensor signal/noise at maximum signal power, dB (according to EMVA-1288 standard)up to 42
Automatic exposure adjustment with precise control of max./min. exposure intervalfrom 100 to 100,000 μs (with 1 μs increment)
Black balanceAvailable, automatic
Video stream histogram equalizerAvailable, automatic
White balanceAvailable, automatic
Automatic video data capacity conversion for RAW-steams12 bit to 10 bit, 12 bit to 8 bit, 14 bit to 8 bit
Interface for auto Iris, typeDC-Drive
Interface for operating mechanized lenses equipped with DC motors, typeThree channels (variable focus lens, focus, Iris) with feedback (optional pre-set positions)
Peripheral device control interfaces via PS-232/RS422/RS-485 ports, quantityup to 3
Global Shutter synchronization to 50 Hz power line for elimination of flicker caused by lamplight sourcesAutomatic, software-initiated
Alarm input interfaces, quantity2
Alarm output interfaces, quantity3
Peripheral device control relay interface, quantity3
Supported network broadcast protocolsIP multicast, IP unicast, UDP, TCP, HTTP
Supported network control protocolsDHCP, HTTP, telnet, NTP, TCP (VSSCP), RTP/RTCP
Power consumption, (with no lens), Wtfrom 7 to 12
Operating temperature rangefrom 0 to +50 °C
Dust and moisture proof classIP42
Dimensions (with no lens), mm (height x width x depth)65x70x150

VOCORD NetCam4 models – comparative specifications

Data transmission formatResolutionOptical formatFrame rateSensor
D14M20SA2RAW, MJPEG1392x1040,
1,4 MP
2/3”20Interline CCD, BW
2,8 MP
1/1,8”25Interline CCD, RGB
D41M16SA2RAW, MJPEG2336x1752,
4,1 MP
1”16Interline CCD BW
K14M20SA1RAW, MJPEG, H.2641392x1040,
1,4 MP
2/3”20Interline CCD, BW
K14C20SA1RAW, MJPEG, H.2641392x1040,
1,4 MP
2/3”20Interline CCD, RGB
K28M25SA1RAW, MJPEG, H.2641936x1456,
2,8 MP
1/1,8”25Interline CCD, BW
K28C25SA1RAW, MJPEG, H.2641936x1456,
2,8 MP
1/1,8”25Interline CCD, RGB
K20M33SA1RAW, MJPEG, H.2641920x1080,
2 MP
2/3”33Interline CCD, BW