VOCORD Phobos PBX is a next-generation audio registration product for selective telephone conversation recording directly from automatic telephone exchange (ATE).

VOCORD Phobos PBX is a hardware and software system that connects directly to ATE through a separate slot. VOCORD Phobos PBX allows of listening and recording all incoming and outgoing calls from all types of phones passing through ATE while setting monitoring and recording parameters in real-time mode.

VOCORD Phobos PBX allows of creating a full-featured, flexible and low-cost professional audio registration system that does not require installation of audio capture boards on all phone lines.

An operator of VOCORD Phobos PBX system can change a list of controlled devices while selecting both separate devices and Е1 streams. The number of calls being recorded at the same time is unlimited and license-determined.

Due to its client-server architecture, VOCORD Phobos PBX is a perfect solution for deploying geographically distributed audio registration systems of unlimited scale.

The system is compatible with Siemens HiPath 4000 and Ericsson ATEs.

System capabilities

  • Recording and listening through of unlimited number of phone lines passing through ATE
  • Selection and change of monitored phone lines in real time from the operator’s workstation
  • Flexible setting of selective recording parameters, recording prioritization
  • Displaying of all connection attributes: channel name, call direction and route, call start/end time, elapsed time of the call, etc
  • Automatic receiving of an available list form ATE
  • Recording of all call types: incoming, outgoing, internal, conferences, consultations
  • Recording from a subscriber’s telephone by a command of the subscriber (pressing the button)
  • Replicating on external storage media: automatically or under manual control
  • Improvement in recording quality, noise cleaning
  • Export of records in WAV and AVI formats
  • In-built record player
  • Archive searching by a set of parameters
  • Full event logging
  • Flexible user rights setting
  • Full-featured remote access

Low system cost

VOCORD Phobos PBX-based technology of selective recording directly from ATE reduces significantly an aggregate cost of a telephone conversation recording system in comparison with traditional products using audio capture boards. The more lines are controlled the lower total expenses for a telephone conversation recording system.

As the system cost depends on a number of lines controlled simultaneously, and an operator can change the controlled lines in real time, there is no need to purchase separate equipment for monitoring of each line unless you need recording the conversations continuously. Consequently, you can save on a system cost while maintaining quality and functionality.

Ease of installation and scalability

VOCORD Phobos PBX does not require installation of a great number of servers, boards and communication lines. A single server connected to a dedicated ATE server allows you of monitoring from 120 to 480 phone lines simultaneously (depending on a server computational capability).

“Hot” settings management

A system user can manage controlled channels on an operational basis: by adding, deleting and changing settings through client interface with momental application of new settings.

Recording safety, convenience and quality

Archive- and client-end portions of VOCORD Phobos PBX system have all advantages of VOCORD Phobos Audio system: full event logging, notification system, flexible distribution of access rights within the accuracy of a device, multiparameter archive searching and report generation, noise cleaning and improved recording quality.


1. E1 stream capture boards.

VOCORD Phobos PBX system uses PE1E1, PE2E1, PE3E1, PE4E1 boards for capture of 1, 2, 3, 4 streams, correspondingly. Using one PE1E1 you can record up to 30 lines simultaneously, using PE4E1 board — up to 120 lines simultaneously. One server supports from 1 to 4 PExE1 boards.

2. SW Phobos PBX.

Software for automatic selective recording of ATE sessions.

3. SW Phobos Server.

Software for VOCORD Phobos PBX archive servers.

4. SW Phobos Client.

Software for operators’ workstations.

Parameter Setting
Architecture Client-server
Maximum number of monitored lines Unlimited
Maximum number of servers Unlimited
Total DBMS capacity Up to 100 mln records
Signal sources E1
Supported ATE systems Ericsson, Siemens HiPath 4000
Supported record server OSs Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 2008 Server, Windows 2003 Server, Windows 2000 Server