VOCORD Phobos Audio is a professional telephone conversation (digital, analog phone lines, and E1-stream) recording system.

VOCORD Phobos Audio hardware and software system is designed for:

  • Professional recording of conversations as part of multifunction call processing activity in call and dispatching centers
  • Phone line monitoring by company security services
  • Evaluation of customer service quality in sales, telemarketing and technical support departments of commercial companies

The main advantage of VOCORD Phobos Audio system is a scalable geographically distributed architecture that allows of creating identically reliable and fail-safe audio registrationsystems both for four and several thousands of channels.

VOCORD Phobos Audio systems are installed in: Call Center OJSC “Megafon”, Commercial Call Centers “Vympelkom” JSC, Call Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs – service 02, Emergency Call service – service 03, call centers of the United Call Center.

Due to the fact that hardware and software components of VOCORD Phobos Audio system are fully Russian-grown technologies, the system is more economical in comparison with analogous recording systems from foreign manufacturers.

Thanks to its reliability, usability and affordability, VOCORD Phobos Audio system has been chosen by more than 400 government institutions and commercial companies in Russia and neighboring countries.

System capabilities

  • Listening through and recording of unlimited number of channels in real time: analog, digital, E1-streams
  • Recording audio from external devices: microphones, portable radios, tape-recorders, radio receivers
  • Fax registration and decoding
  • Displaying of all connection attributes (SMDR): channel name, call direction and route, call start/end time, elapsed time of the call, etc.
  • Recording scheduler
  • Replicating to external storage media: automatically or under manual control
  • Improvement in recording quality, noise cleaning
  • Export of records in WAV and AVI formats
  • In-built record player
  • Archive searching by a set of parameters
  • Full event logging
  • Flexible user rights setting
  • Full-featured remote access

Signal sources

  • Analog phone lines
  • Е1 digital trunks
  • Line audio outputs of portable radios, microphones, radio receivers
  • Fax-messages
  • Digital subscriber PBXs: Alcatel, Avaya, EADS, Ericsson, LG, NEC, Meridian, Panasonic, Siemens, Samsung, Coral, Telrad, all standard ISDN BRI stations
  • Microcellular communications systems (DECT): Siemens, Ericsson, Panasonic, Alcatel

Implementation efficiency

  • Leakage detection and prevention in your company
  • Documentation of verbal arrangements and carrying out of retrospective analysis
  • Obtaining evidences for forensic purposes
  • Evaluation of customer service quality
  • Supporting of corporate communication standards of negotiations
  • Monitoring of technical conditions of phone lines

Unlimited scalability

Due to its client-server architecture, VOCORD Phobos is a perfect solution for deploying geographically distributed audio registration systems with nearly unlimited number of audio channels and huge archives with storage capacity of up to 10 mln of records.

VOCORD Phobos Audio build-up is performed by simple expansion in the number of servers without shutting down of the entire audio registration system. In case of breakdown of a separate server, this will not affect the entire system operation.

Data security

VOCORD Phobos Audio supports a complete event logging function: from record deletion to system events.

For any performed operation the notification can be sent to users via message, audio alarm, e-mail or SMS.

The number of users or users groups in the system is unlimited. Access rights for each user or user group can be set up within the accuracy of each attribute, type of operation or data folder.

Data can be copied to external media in manual and automatic modes.

High usability

Intuitive interface allows the operator to run quick search commands, listen, replicate, export, comment and delete audio records. All of these operations can be performed manually or automatically.

Physical links can be combined into logical ones based on the user friendly principle. Specific physical voice-communication links are combined into a singe logical link supporting specified operations. For example, upon activation of one of physical links, recording will be started automatically over all channels included in the logical stream.

Remote work is also supported – via local network or Internet.

Improved quality of recording

Special digital signal processing tools facilitate resolving a noise problem during recording such as background noises in the room and line noises. The system performs noise cleaning in real time, also in a manual mode.

To counter the interference, VOCORD Phobos features a set of digital processing tools:

  • Adaptive broadband and narrowband filters
  • Frequency-domain n-band graphic equalizer
  • Automatic signal level adjustment module

Open program interface

VOCORD Phobos Audio open interface allows the system to be integrated with the third-party programs and to create customized design solutions.

VOCORD Phobos Audio Architecture

1. Audio signal capture boards.
VOCORD Phobos Audio system uses the following audio boards:

For digital lines:

  • D8 – a board rated for 8 phone lines, with PCI interface
  • D8-4 – a board rated for 4 phone lines, with PCI interface
  • LD8 – a network server rated for 8 phone lines. Network interface


  • VOCORD AE16 – a board rated for 16 phone lines, with PCI Express interface
  • VOCORD AE16-8 – a board rated for 8 phone lines, with PCI Express interface
  • VOCORD AX16 – a board rated for 16 phone lines, with PCI X interface
  • VOCORD AX16-8 – a board rated for 8 phone lines, with PCI X interface
  • VOCORD A2 USB – a USB-device a board rated for 2 phone lines
  • VOCORD A8 USB – a USB-device a board rated for 8 phone lines

For E1-stream:

  • PE1E1 – a board for capture of 1 E1-stream. PCI Express interface
  • PE2E1 – a board for capture of 2 E1-streams. PCI Express interface
  • PE3E1 – a board for capture of 3 E1-streams. PCI Express interface
  • PE4E1 – a board for capture of 4 E1-streams. PCI Express interface

Expansion in the number of monitored phone lines is performed by expansion in the number of boards.

2. Nondestructive signal coupler.
This coupler is connected to the line and relays a signal with no affects on the line. VOCORD Phobos Audio system uses the following signal couplers:

  • ETAP-2E1 – 2-channel E1-stream coupler
  • ETAP-8E1 – 8-channel E1-stream coupler
  • ETAP-D4 – 4-channel digital phone line coupler

3. SW Phobos Server.
Software for VOCORD Phobos Audio record servers.

4. SW Phobos Client.
Software for operators’ workstations.

5. Phobos SMDR.
Software module for attributing telephone conversations: conversation start and end dates, duration, call direction and route, etc.

6. Phobos FAX Server and Phobos FAX Client.
Software modules for fax recognition. To be installed on a server and at operators’ workstations.

Parameter Setting
Architecture Client-server
Maximum number of monitored lines Unlimited
Maximum number of servers Unlimited
Total DBMS capacity Up to 100 mln records
Signal sources Analog, digital, integrated services digital networks, E1, microphones, portable radio sets, radio receivers, faxes, ATEs: Alcatel, Avaya, EADS, Ericsson, LG, NEC, Meridian, Panasonic, Siemens, Samsung, Coral, Telrad, all standard ISDN BRI stations
Supported digital data transmission protocols Alcatel (43XX), Alcatel (40XX), Avaya (U), Ads (300), Ericsson (32XX), Ericsson (3214)BP, Ericsson (42XX), Ericsson (4224)BP, Ericsson (25XX), Ericsson (DF), LG (LDK), LG (LDP), NEC (U), Meridian (U), Panasonic (75XX), Panasonic (76XX), Panasonic (DBS), Siemens (UP0E), Siemens (UP0ET), Siemens (HC3E), Siemens (DECT), Samsung (U), Coral (U), Telrad (3015 DF), Telrad (3015 H), Telrad (3020), Telrad (3025), Telrad (BA2), Telrad (EX1), Telrad (EX2), ISDN (BRI), ISDN (U)
Alarm type for E1 channel EDSS1 (QSIG, Q.921/Q.931), ISDN PRI, SS7, R1.5, R2 MFC Bern, SS5, R1, R2 ext.1/Equant, R2 ext.2, R2 ext.3, MCDN, R1.5 ext.1, Hicom Tradeboard
Supported record server OSs Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 2008 Server, Windows 2003 Server, Windows 2000 Server


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