VOCORD Avantpost VM4 Video recorder for vehicles

Видеорегистратор VOCORD Avantpost VM4

VOCORD Avantpost VM4 is specifically developed for creation of video surveillance systems for all transportation vehicles – underground railroad, air transport, railroad transport, water and automobile transport.

Equipping transport with video surveillance systems is inherent in extreme service conditions, more specifically: higher vibration level, temperature difference, noisy power. In this regard, a necessity of development of a device meeting specific requirements has started up.


  • Noisy power operation
  • Integratability with other devices
  • Wide operation temperature range
  • Removable HDD
  • Vibration protection

VOCORD Avantpost VM4 is low in weight and enclosed in rugged metal housing; this allows to damp vibrations and jerks effectively enough using a spring mechanism. Consequently, the hard disk duration expands essentially, and data security is improved.

In winter period (especially in Russia), the resistance of the device to low-temperature exploration is as relevant as ever. In contrast to stationary applications where the device is permanently switched on and variation of its temperature takes place slowly enough, the vehicle-mounted installation variant allows VOCORD Avantpost VM4 of cooling down periodically to environment temperature and then warming up quickly to operating temperature once switched on.

At that, on the one hand, the high switching on speed should be provided and, on the other hand – the acceptable temperature gradient should be maintained. For these purposes, VOCORD Avantpost VM4 is equipped with a built-in automatic warm-up and temperature control system.

VOCORD Avantpost VM4 operates reliably in a wide supply voltage range from 6 to 30 V. Besides, there is a voltage surge protection circuit implemented into the power supply unit providing surge immunity of the device, for example under motor start-up conditions.

The important feature is a removable hard drive. It is enclosed in a removable cartridge and can be easily withdrawn while in operation.

SATAII interface allows of connecting the removed hard drive to a standard computer and perform archive operations using VOCORD software package.

The additional USB interface is added for integrating VOCORD Avantpost VM4 system with various external devices. The first USB port on the front panel is intended for intermittent connection of various devices (such as keyboard, removable hard drive, flash disk, etc), and the second one located on the rear panel for mounting convenience, allows of connecting any other devices (Wi-Fi or WiMax, or other wireless modems, network controllers, navigation systems, etc).

Technical specifications

Parameter  Setting
Built-in read-only memory 2.5” HDD or Flash disk
Video input type Composite
Video input color transmission format PAL
Digitized video signal format 4:2:2 YUV 9 bit
Frame format PAL, 720x576 pixels, 8 bit
Record compressionJPEG 2000
Maximum recording frame rate in 2-channel mode at 720x576 PAL 25 fps per channel
Maximum recording frame rate in 4-channel mode at 720x576 PAL 12.5 fps per channel
Number of video inputs4
Number of audio inputs4
Network interfaceEthernet 10/100 BASE-T
USB 2.0 portsYes, 2
IR portYes
Audio outputYes
Video outputComposite, S-video
Interface for 2.5” HDDYes, SATAII
Supply voltage6–30 V DC
Galvanically isolated alarm sensor inputs4
Alarm relay output1
Maximum input powerUp to 10 W
Operating temperatureFrom -30 to +45 °С
Overall dimensions, mm180x145x32